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Why You Should Travel To The Northern Lights

Posted on 28 October 2017 by admin (0)

Why You Should Travel To The Northern Lights

There are a lot of travel destinations that you might have on your bucket lists. However, you must know that while beaches and mountains are pretty common, the case is slightly different when it comes to the Northern Lights!

Yep, you heard me right- the Northern Lights are a pretty unique phenomenon that can only be found in the extreme north, at least above 60 degrees’ latitude. However, the best views are found in parts of Iceland, Greenland, Russia, Alaska and Canada.

If you aren’t aware about what the Northern Lights exactly are, you must understand that it’s the famous Aurora Borealis that you read about in your school books as children. A buddy of mine took a break from his tree trimming las vegas business (you check out his business @  ) to see the Northern Lights with his family. he said the pictures you see online don’t even come close to how amazing it is to see them in person.

Physically, it looks like a shifting dance of rainbows with all the colors freely playing around, making it have a dimension without a shape and thus making it a beautiful aesthetic experience that just about every traveler falls into love with!

For those of you who like to get into scientific details, here’s a short note: It’s caused by the ionized particles since they gather at the poles owing to the earth’s magnetic field, making them cause such mesmerizing displays of light there.

Now, you might have heard that these trips are pretty expensive and pretty challenging because of the cold and rough weather up there- and that’s undeniably true. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to go there! Trips to the north pole or mountain peaks are even tougher, but people still make them- And if that’s reasonable, why isn’t this unique and captivating display of lights made out of thin air worth a visit despite the weather that prevails over there?

So, you might want to book your tickets already. Actually, you might just find me on the seat right next to you, traveling there with all my warm clothes to witness this amazing sight, I’m just exited as you are!